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NI - PCI 6225 with ATI load sensor



I am trying to read data from 3 ATI Nano 17 IP68 load sensors. I have connected three load sensors to PCI 6225 through ATI multisensory box. I want to see whether those sensors are giving out values. How may I proceed?


I downloaded LABView and NI-DAQmx. My NI-DAQmax winodw is attached to this question. I am also trying use ATI software with the load-cell calibration, but I am not getting any data. Does PCI Bus 3 mean I have three devices connected? 


Anyone with some information would be greatly appreciated!



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No, the "3" in PCI Bus does not denote the sensors connected, moreover, PCI 6225 is not intelligent to know what is connected to it.


Your PCI 6225 device alias is "Dev2" - this is important in all the automation software that controls the PCI 6225



Nothing much came up in google on "ATI multisensory box" - please share a link or attach its user manual and specifications.


What is your proficiency in LabVIEW and NI hardware? or any programming language in general?



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