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NI DAQ-USB6008 is not recognised by Labview 2013

When I plug in my DAQ to the newly installed Labview 2013, Windows installs a driver and recognises the device as fully working, but when I try to access the device (e.g. to acquire data) through Labview (DAQmx Assistant or Signal Express) the program hangs up searching for the device, or displays "No supported devices found".  The USB-6008 still works fine with the previous version of Labview, Version 11.0.  What must I do to get the USB-6008 to work with the latest version of Labview, which my college has installed automatically as part of their contract with National Instruments.

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What version of DAQmx did you install AFTER installing LabVIEW?
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I am not sure as the installation is done by our IT department.  The DAQmx software was supplied with the labview 2013 upgrade which comes as a set of DVDs labelled Academic Site License Spring 2013.  I believe the DAQmx version on the disk, and most likely installed, is 9.6.2.  I don't know if it was installed AFTER labview or not.  The driver was installed by windows itself automatically.  Is there a problem if the DAQmx software is installed before labview?

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Ytes, there is a problem. It would not install LabVIEW support.

Click on the Support link at the top of the page to get the latest version and one that supports 2013.
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