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NI 9201Low-Voltage Precision

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Is it possible to apply the 9201's 12 bits of precision over a smaller range than the default +/-10V? I need to be able to sample a signal from 0 to 100mV but need greater resolution than the 12 bit ADC provides when measured over the full 20V range.

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Accepted by topic author MyOwnSling

Hi MyOwnSling,


Unfortunately the NI 9201 does not seem to have a Programmable Gain Amplifier onboard for it's one ADC. This means that you would not be able to apply gain to small signals onboard the 9201 for the ADC to achieve different voltage ranges. The minimum voltage range for the device will be the same as the maximum voltage range, +/- 10 V.



Jason L. L




Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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You could try putting an amp between your signal source and the 9201.  All you would need is multiply it by 10 to 100 times.  I have done this with load cells that have low output.



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