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NI 6210 DAQ with Python: How to write a script for continuous acquisition of an unknown amount of sample points?

I have a NI6210 DAQ which receives data from a SRS 830 lock-in amplifier. I wish to record the data transmitted by the analog channels of the SRS 830 (respective to the intensity and phase of the analyzed signal). I am, however, unable to establish a priori the size of the data to be collected. Is it possible to collect an unknown number of data points from the SRS using the DAQ? If so, can someone be so kind as to provide me a Minimal Working Example of how it should be done?


I am struggling to adapt an example file from the NIDAQmx GitHub to this new scenario:


Any help would really greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone could point me out to a good resource on understanding how DAQ works and how to properly program a NI-DAQ, I would be greatly appreciated - my knowledge of DAQ systems is rather small, and much of the information I gathered does not help me much understanding how to properly use DAQ resources (for instance, why use counters or streams, etc).

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Hello, The other question was regarding how to collect a well-defined number of points, triggered by an external event. The present question deals with how to collect an unknown number of points continuously. Kind regards, Alcides
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