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Module names per cDAQ chassis?

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Hi all,

is there a way to get module names cDAQ-chassis based?


I'm trying to check if two (or more) identical chassis with different modules are connected to my PC.



Module 1: cDAQ-9174 with Modules "A", "B", "C", emptySlot, in just that order

Module 2: cDAQ-9174 with Modules "D", "E", "emptySlot", "emptySlot"


The "ActiveDev" property node then delivers the ProductType output array of [cDAQ-9174, cDAQ-9174, A, B, C, D, E, ...further devices on the system]


I can't see which of the modules is plugged into which chassis.


Any help is appreciated!


Thanks in advance


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Hi Achim,


Please see the attachment or the screenshot for the requested functionality.


The example is a modified version of this example:


Community: Get cDAQ Module Types in LabVIEW - National Instruments

If you meant something different, just write me back.


Best regards,


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Hi Christoph,

thanks for the code! I found a slightly different, but by far not so smart, solution...I'm checking the ActiveDev.ProductCategory, and if a "14658" shows up, I then check the ActiveDev.Chassis.ModuleDevNames, ProductType(s) for the right chassis (only one should be connected), and the right modules in this chassis.


Elsewise, I produce errors.


Best regards


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