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Max. data rate for a cDAQ-9185 and 4 x NI 9231

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I would like to purchase a cDAQ-9185 chassis and 4 modules type NI 9231 (8 channel IEPE, 24 bits, 51.2 kHz max.):


Now I would like to clarify in advance whether I can then operate the total of 32 channels with the full sampling rate of 51.2 kHz without running into any trouble.
I could not find anything in the datasheets that contradicts this, simulation runs as well.

The 1Gbit network connection should not be a problem:
Net data rate: 4 modules * 8 channels * 51.2 kHz * 24 bits/sample = 37.5 Mbit/s

Can anyone confirm to me that this is safe?

Thank you very much!

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Accepted by topic author CodingMonkey

Your calculation is about right -


37.5Mb/s doesn't seem too much and much within Ethernet capabilities unless your local network is too much loaded.


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