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Howto use NIDAQmx with mingw gcc 3.4.2

To use NIDAQmx with mingw/gcc, there must be set up a library for linking your application against.
Delivered is a library NIDAQmx.lib and a header NIDAQmx.h for use with Microsoft Visual C++.
It is not possible to link your application against this lib like you would do with
   gcc Acq-IntClk.c -o Acq-IntClk.exe NIDAQmx.lib.
You will get a lot of Errors.
So within this Forum i found a lot of tips how to do it. I've combined all tips and got my solution for this problem.
I've attached the new NIDAQmx.h, libmynicaiu.a and a distribution package for devcpp NIDAqmx74-1.0-1spec.DevPak.
I hope my solution is useful and will help you a little.

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Well, here is possibly more universal result of my forum compilation.

This bash script creates import library for mingw from NIDAQmx.lib:
PATH="$PATH:/c/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio/Common/MSDev98/Bin:/c/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio/VC98/Bin/"
dumpbin /exports "c:\Program Files\National Instruments\NI-DAQ\DAQmx ANSI C Dev\lib\msvc\NIDAQmx.lib" > nidaq.exports
echo LIBRARY nicaiu.dll > nidaq.defs
echo EXPORTS >> nidaq.defs
sed "1,/ordinal *name/d;/^$/d;/Summary$/,+100d;s/^ \+\([^ ]\+\)\( .*\|\)$/\\1/;s/^_\(.*\)$/\1/" nidaq.exports |sort >> nidaq.defs
dlltool  -k -d nidaq.defs -l libnidaq.a c:/WINDOWS/system32/nicaiu.dll

As a result libnidaq.a is created.

Here is how to use this library and _unmodified_ NIDAQmx.h to build one of ni examples:

gcc -D__int64="long long" -I../../../../../DAQmx\ ANSI\ C\ Dev/include/  ContGen-IntClk-AnlgStart.c -o ContGen-IntClk-AnlgStart.exe -Ld:/Prog/NI -lnidaq


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Here are the files created with Vladimir's script, using NIDAQ version 8.3 for everyone's convenience.
I created them using Cygwin and Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition, tested using Qt 4.1.4 and the Qt included MinGW.
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In there are the files:


In the README.txt it states:

When compiling in Windows,   Link with flag: -lnidaq
When compiling in Linux,         Link with flag: -lnidaqmx

Put these files in your library path before compiling and linking.

The library file (NIDAQmx.lib) is from Windows NIDAQ version 8.3

Where would I put the NIDAmx.lib file so the when I compile on a Cygwin system, the -lnidaqmx will work.

I assume that the libnidaq.a is for compiling on Windows.

Anyhow, if somebody would provide for Cygwin the following:

1.  main.c - which prints out the fact that the compiled code is functioning.
2.  command line which makes the main.c and links in the nidaqmx.lib
3.  location on a Cygwin system where the nidaqmx.lib file resides.
4.  A description of all the files included in the .zip file.


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Qt 4.7 with included mingw can use NIDAQmx.lib "as is" with LIBS += "<full path>\NIDAQmx.lib" statement in pro file.

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That is wonderfull!

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Agreed. One thing to watch out for when using mingw with NI-DAQmx: GCC doesn't support Microsoft's __int64 type natively. Make sure to include a C library header (like stdio.h) so that __int64 gets defined before you include NIDAQmx.h.



Brad Keryan
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I am trying to evaluate and use the LabVIEW c-code Generator with Qt Creator 2.3.1, Qt 4.7.4.  I exported a very simple VI that implements y = m * x + b.  I am adding the source to my project in accordance with ( but cannot get the code to compile.  I attached my exported code - anything you can help me out with would be great!  Ideally, I would like to get this to work in a basic command line app to show that it will compile and run.  I was doing this as an example main.cpp:


#include <QtCore/QCoreApplication>
#include <iostream>
#include "CCGen/evalline.h"

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
QCoreApplication a(argc, argv);

std::cout << "y = " << Evaluateline(1.11, 260, 200);

return a.exec();


Any thoughts?


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Hi cb,


This thread is about using NI-DAQmx with mingw, so I was going to suggest that you start a new thread in a LabVIEW-related forum, but I see you already did that:


Also, please post the exact text of the compilation errors in the other thread. The error messages are important, and you're unlikely to get much help without posting them.



Brad Keryan
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Thanks Brad,

I posted to your thread as a bit of a desparation move to see if you had ever successfully used c-generated code in Qt or knew anyone who had gotten it to work.  I will post some compiler errors with the other thread.


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