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How to use my old DAQCard-6062E with a PCMCIA interface on a modern computer?

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I have an old DAQCard-6062E (PCMCIA interface) in my lab. I used to plug this DAQCard onto an old laptop computer, where a PCMCIA slot was available on the laptop computer. However, it seems that the PCMCIA slot is no longer available on modern laptop computers.

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Is there a specific kind of adapter that I can use to convert this PCMCIA interface to say an USB interface, so that I can still use this DAQCard on a modern computer?


Any suggestions will be appreciated!

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Simple, you cannot! (No, none of the PCMCIA adapters is guaranteed to work with reliably emulating a true full-spec PCMCIA, if you find one working, good for you)


Find a laptop that has a PCMCIA port.

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Thank you SO MUCH for the confirmation. Greatly appreciated!!!

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I apologize for reopening this topic after marking it as solved a few months ago. If this is not acceptable, please let me know. I am happy to create a new topic for this discussion.


After conducting some research, I found two laptop computers with a PCMCIA slot. However, these two laptop computers are a bit old. They both run on Windows 7. 


I consulted the compatibility Excel spreadsheet available on the NI website to gather information. It provided compatibility specifications for numerous NI devices such as the USB-6216, PCI-6221, and several others. However, I could not locate the compatibility and system requirements for the NI DAQCard-6062E card specifically. Consequently, I have the following questions:

  1. What versions of DAQmx are compatible with the DAQCard-6062E?
  2. What versions of LabVIEW are compatible with the DAQCard-6062E?
  3. What versions of Windows are compatible with the DAQCard-6062E?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!

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According to this link, your card is still supported in NI-DAQmx 19.0 but was removed after that. There is a footnote that it is only supported on 32-bit OSes. I think that applies to all PCMCIA cards as the necessary support never was ported and may even be impossible to add under 64-bit Windows without huge custom support.

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Thank you SO MUCH for digging out the information for me. Greatly appreciated!!!

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