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Using Thermocouples with BNC 2090 to LabVIEW



I am trying to connect some Thermocouples (or any device to measure temperatures up to ~200C) to my BNC 2090.  What would be the best method or best tool to do this with, or will I need a different device?




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Hi JBerry25,


The BNC 2090 is meant to be used as a BNC adapter chassis, so it won't be able to make any temperature measurements without a different DAQ device. You can find the products National Instruments sells for Data Acquisition here.





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Your BNC2090 is most probably connected via cable to something .. a card in your PC?

So one question is what card (or DAQ device) is it?

Do have MAX (Measurment Automation Explorer) on your PC? That can tell you what DAQ hardware is installed.


After that you (or we) can find out the capabilities of that DAQ card


Ah, what accuracy for your temperature measurement do you need?

How fast is the temperature changing? 

Thermal load?  (What do you want to measure? )


How many channels min?


After that we can propose some senors (and signal conditioning)



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Hi Henrik,


I am connecting the block to a PCI-6250 M series DAQ card in my PC.


I am planning on using a type K thermocouple, as I need to measure temperatures >200C.  The temperature shouldn't change THAT fast (if everything is working correctly).


I will need at least 10 channels.  I am looking at purchasing one of the 16 channel blocks on this (,n21:11,n36:15,n24:cDAQ/sb/+pr...) page.




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