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How to read TDMS file use DDC_GetDataValuesString in C language

1. Below code is correct, because the numDataValues is one, machine=sibot

char ss[10]={0};
    char *strMachine=new char[1];
    nullChk (strMachine = (char *) malloc (sizeof (char) * (unsigned int)numDataValues));
    ddcChk (DDC_GetDataValuesString (channels[i], 0, (unsigned int)numDataValues, &strMachine));
    printf ("Channel value for Machine : %s\n", strMachine);

---then show "nel value for Machine : sibot"


2. But when the numDataValues is more one, I can't get all the data in the TDMS file, only can get the first one.


data one is FI,

data two is O

but I only can get FI....

what's wrong?? How to solve it?? The data format as attachment.

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