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How to display data from DAQmx in column array?

I am looking to take the data from a DAQmx read and display it in a list or table with time as a row and each iteration of the loop as an additional row. The end goal is to take the current from the DAQmx read data and the voltage function generator to create an I vs V graph with the currents overlaid. I attached the block diagram. Any suggestions would be great.
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First of all, the listings in a table or multi-column listbox is a 2D array of strings. So in order to write the results of the DAQmx read and display them in either type, you have to convert the timestamp and y value to strings (I used the Format Date/Time String and the Format Into String functions on the string palette) and then into a 1D array for each row.. Then, you use a shift register and build a 2D array with each iteration and write to the ItemNames property of the table/listbox. You do not want an array of Listboxes. A single listobix is correct. Since the DAQmx Read is returning a Y array, in the picture I show taking the mean of the y array. What value you actually want from it is up to you.

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I was hoping you could help me understand your diagram a little better. I wanted to know what the terminal attached to the shift registrar is and what you have labled as the multicolumn list box. It may be that I just have not set up the setting but I am unable to store the data in the list box. I think that i have a firm grasp on the other sections you have done.
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Attached to the left side of the shift register is a 2D string array constant. Create a constant by selecting array constant on the array palette and then inserting a string constant into the array. Drag the array index to create a 2D array. Inside the loop, the shift register value is written to the listbox's property node. To create a property node, right click on the multi-column listbox (either front panel or diagram) and select Create>Property Node. On the diagram, right click on the property node and select Change to Write. Right click again and select Properties>Item Names.
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