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How to create for numeric input for minimum and maximum current in DAQ assistant



I am pretty new to DAQ related stuff in labVIEW. Here I am describing what task I need to do; Please help me to solve this problem.


My task:


1) To read all channels of NI-9203 (I don't have hardware, so I created it virtually using NI MAX. I used NI 9181 chassis and used NI 9203 as an input module)


2) Take Input from user  for zero and span level


3) Generate reading from zero and span level; display it for every channel (in NI 9203 there are 8 input pins AI0 to AI7)


Note: As per my understanding zero level is minimum input range and span level is difference between min value and max value.  For example, if  zero level is 4mA and span level is 16 thn total range is 4mA to 20mA. 


This is all information I have; 😞Feel free to correct me about zero level and span level. Please help me.


Any information is appritiated


Thank you so much in advance



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