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How can I sync two programs on seperate computers?

I have a program that reads voltage at 72 Khz through my PCI-6602 with BNC-2110.  It reads for 500ms (36K Samples).  I have a separate program hooked to a Compact Fieldpoint run by a different computer.  I need to be able to match the data files from these two programs.  At the very least I need to send a trigger to the cFP.  The best would be a timestamp. 


What recommendations do you have?  This is outside of what I have done before.  The long range plan is to send the 6602 program to another lab for them to work on so I need to make this trigger something that they can use with whatever DAQ rig they have.



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Hi RZTC Dave,

Are you trying to synchronize acquisition on the two systems?  What Compact FieldPoint controller do you have and what modules are you using?  Are the different PCs connected via the network?



Bryan H.
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The computers are not networked.  In fact I am setting a system up in Ohio that I'd like to sync with my cFP here and with a completely different system in Colorado.  My cFP is taking continuous data and I want to know at what moments in that data set did I take a high speed sample with the other. 


As of right now I'm going to have my PCI MIO 16E send a pulse that can be read in my system or my colleagues sytem.  We should be able to write in the low speed data set when the pulse occurs so we will at least have a match point. 


I hope that answers your questions.  I think we can make it work but if anyone has any ideas I'm all ears.

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Hi RZTC Dave,


What compact FieldPoint controllers do you have?


I found a discussion forum  that talks about synchronizing the FieldPoint time with a computer's time.  Click here to read it. 


With the computer times synchronized you can have the FieldPoint do a read on a signal.  When the signal is triggered from your PCI MIO 16E card you can save the time stamp from the time server.


Best Regards,

Bryan H.
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