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How can I fix 50103 Error..

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When I run VI, everytime Error masage is poped up..


Plz help me 


Attached VI file. Plz help me

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I cant look at your VI but have you searched the board for that error code or message? Typically, the error is caused by trying to use more than one task for a single resource. Create a single task that uses multiple channels.
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Can you see the picture and VI file?11.jpg

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Exactly, I wanna get two output analog signal but I couldn't..


one is the Difference frequency signal and another one is Envelope signal of DF using hilbert transform.


plz help me TT I have spent whol weekend because of this ..TT

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Most DAQ devices only allow one task for AO. So create your task with two channels rather than trying to make two different tasks. Note that the sample rate will be the same for both channels. This because the DAQ devices typically have only one set of timing logic for AO. 


Similarly all AI channels will share timing. On those devices which support hardware timed DI/O only one timing block is available. AI, AO, and DI/O timing may be different from each other, depending on the capabilities of the device.


This is what Dennis was telling you in his post earlier.



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Sorry . but It's too difficult to understand your advice..

If you can open my VI file please correct error part..TT
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Accepted by topic author simpson67

I do not have DAQmx so I cannot tell you exactly what needs to be done.


I think you can specifiy multiple channels by using something like "Dev1/ao0:1" in one of the Physical Channels controls. Then combine the data into an array of waveforms or a 2D array of DBL. Change the DAQmx Write to NChan NSamp, either waveform or array, depending on which datatype you chose.  Look at the detailed help files for the DAQmx VIs to determine the exact format for the physical channels and other details.


Multichannel AO.png


Of course you will only have one set of DAQ VIs in place of the two sets you now have.



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Thank for your help.


Finally, I can do what I want. All of sucess is yours.


I'm not skillful in English and I am a beginner in LabVIEW. So I didn't know What I do.


Although you didn't know who I am but you give me useful information.


thank you and god bless you.      -From Korean student-

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