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[Help Needed] High Speed SPI Slave Mode Data Acquisition


I am doing a LabView project that needs to acquire data at 30MHz from a chip in debugging mode. The chip uses SPI protocol to send data and the chip acts as SPI master. I found an example of Simple SPI read using M-Series here


Do you think M-Series can support 30MHz clock speed as a Slave?


If not, would you kindly suggest me any other NI device that can be configured as SPI slave and is capable of acquiring data at 30MHz..



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Hello msaifuddin,

National Instruments have a huge range of DAQ products and the choice is yours depending on the specifications you are looking for . I would advise using our online advisor which is very useful in identifying the producst that matches your requirements. Please use this website to help you:


Alternatively you can call your local NI office and ask to speak to one of our technical sales advisors and they will be more than happy to guide you.


Hope this helps!

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@msaifuddin wrote:

Do you think M-Series can support 30MHz clock speed as a Slave?

No, the max specified DI rate on M Series is 10 MHz.  Try looking at the 6537B.



Best Regards,

John Passiak
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