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Getting started with NI USB-6259

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Hello, I am quite new to NI products. I try to use NI USB-6259 device for testing. I would like to write my app in pure C++ (Visual Studio 2005) but haven't got Measurement Studio for VS2005. I know it is possible to develop full functional application for DAQmx driver without MS. I have read some articles from KB, but everywhere there are no specific information how to start developing. The paths given on the sites where some default examples should be provided are not valid on my box.I've got NI-DAQmx 8.7.1 driver. Thanks in advanse.
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If you are developing a pure MFC C++ application (the only type supported by NI-DAQmx in Visual Studio 2005 for C++) NI-DAQmx provides several resources for getting started.  If you install NI-DAQmx 8.8 the examples are also available on the start menu at Start >> All Programs >> National Instruments >> NI-DAQ >> Text-based Code.  You will want to look at the ANSI C examples.  This is available in the start menu after installing NI-DAQmx.  I'm not on a Windows machine right now but I think the path is Start >> All Programs >> National Instruments >> NI-DAQ >> C Function Reference.  Locations for documentation resources are available:


Let us know if you have any additional questions.


Neil S.

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Thanks for reply! 

Unfortunately, the paths you gave me don't exist on my machine after installing 8.7.1 version. You are referencing 8.8.X version so maybe that's the source of differences. But anyway I still can't find any examples in National Instrument directory. I also checked installation process once again and examples option for C++ are enabled. This makes me little confused. Maybe there is some tuturial on the website explaining how to get started developing with DAQmx for C++.


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DAQmx 8.8 is the first version to put a link to the C examples under Start->Programs.  The examples are still there for previous versions, there's just no way to get to them from the start menu.


This link has the location for finding the examples:

The ANSI C NI-DAQmx shipping examples can be found by browsing to:

Before NI-DAQmx 8.5
C:\Program Files\National Instruments\NI-DAQ\Examples\DAQmx ANSI C

After NI-DAQmx 8.5 (VISTA compatible)
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\National Instruments\NI-DAQ\Examples\DAQmx ANSI C



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Accepted by topic author DBoczkowski

Thanks for help!

I have finaly found the examples using C sources and it let me check if it is possible to develop some environment for using NI USB-6259. Now I am thinking of creating access interface  for this device, but I will ask about in a new thread.


Thanks again,

Dariusz Boczkowski 

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