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Gentoo installation: and init_mm

Hello to the developers of NI-KAL!


I am running a gentoo installation and am now trying to install NI-KAL-1.10. (gcc version 4.3.4, kernel 2.6.31 without PAE)


I did the following:


1. mount -o loop NIKAL110.iso ni-kal

2. I copied the contents to another folder, where I could write to

3. I extracted the contents of nikal-1.10.0f0.tar.gz and edited bin/ I changed


currentGCCVersion=`$CC -v 2>&1 | tail -n 1 | $SED 's/.*gcc[a-zA-Z (]\+\([0-9][^ )]\+\).*/\1/'`




currentGCCVersion=`$CC -v 2>&1 | tail -n 1 | $AWK '{ x=1; while (x <= NF && $x !~ /^[0-9]\.[0-9]\.[0-9]*$/) x++; print $x }'`


which was already suggested in this thread because the script aborted due to "version mismatch". Installing then with "--nodeps" worked finally... almost 🙂 This is the first thing I wanted to tell you, because I think, the awk-style GCCVersion is better than the sed-styl one.


The second thing is actually the question. The point where I failed finally is the init_mm problem. I installed kernel 2.6.27 and will downgrade the older kernel within the next few days. But: are you going to release a version of NI-KAL which doesn't need the init_mm anymore? This would be awesome!


Thanks and best regards,


Alex vZ

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I now downgraded to kernel 2.6.27. With substituting the lines in the files (in the tar.gz from the iso's as well as in /usr/local/natinst/nikal/bin/) the installation seemed to work without errors. I first installed NI-KAL 1.10 and then installed NI-VISA 4.5.0.


Ich now have the following problem:


 $ visaconf failed to initialize
Perhaps you need to run updateNIDrivers


I indeed did an updateNIDrivers but nothing changed. The modules nikal and nipalk can be loaded without error (warning about the init_mm stuff). I attached the niSystemReport.


Does anybody know, what is wrong with the installation?


Thanks in advance,



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