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Error -20308 occurred at "NI_MAPro.lvlib:Pulse Measurements 1" when called from "NI_MAPro.lvlib:Pulse Measurements N" (waveform index 0 of 1)

Hello 🙂 

Iam working with labview 2013  to make a vi that takes values from virtual  serial port and display on waveform charts  i used amplitude and levels vi to return the amplitude , highest vale and lwest value of wave  displayed  when i start my vi at the first time it works probebly but when i stop it and run it again several times the next error shows up : rror -20309 occurred at "NI_MAPro.lvlib:Amplitude and Levels 1" when called from "" possible reasons : analysis : the amplitude of the waveform is zero , so the histogram method cant be used  


My questions:

1: How to avoid this error. 


can any one help me 


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Did you try to find ou where the error actually occurs? By using probes, highlight execution etc? This way, you can narrow it down to one subvi that throws the error. You can also check if the data coming in consisting of zero's indeed.




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