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Error 201425

I am using a PXIe 1065 to record sound data with various PXI(e) cards. Whenever I attempt to use either a 4496 or 4499 (infiniband cards) with the 4464 PXIe card, I am shown the error 201425. "Error -201425 occurred at DAQmx timing. Possible reason(s): The multidevice task does not have a method for synchronizing timing that is compatible with all of the included devices."


Is this a known issue of incompatibility?

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What slots do you have these cards mounted into?  If they are not on the same bus segment, they do not share trigger lines by default.  See page 16 (1-9) of the PXIe-1065 Specification for more details.

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When you combine multiple devices into a single task, DAQmx uses "Channel Expansion" to synchronize all of the devices. See this link


As the link states, some devices cannot be synchronized via Channel Expansion. In order to synchronize the devices you will have to do more low level work, like synchronizing the reference clock, manually accounting for any delay through the DSA device, etc. It is a bit more work.



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