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Error -200561 (attempted writing analog data that is too large or small)

I'm trying to create a PID control system program using the daqmx functions. However, when I run the program, it gives me the error message -200561 "Attempted to write analog data that is too large or too small". I want the program to output in the range of 12 to -12 V which I know the multifunction daq has i/o range of 10 to -10 V. So I changed the output range of the PID to be 10 to -10 V. However, the output graph becomes messed up.

 Screenshot 2022-11-09 131438.pngScreenshot 2022-11-15 214656.png

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Looks like your PID is still outputting values outside +/-10V, to workaround the issue, you can insert an in-range and coerce node before writing the data to DAQmx.

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