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Error 2 : Memory full while executing data logging VI



I have a program that reads data contineously and simultaneously from 10 sensors. I am writing data from each sensor in individual text file simultaneously. For this I have created a SubVI (please see the pic attached) and I am calling this SubVI in main VI which do the data acquisition task (i am using PCI MIO 16E 1 DAQ Card ).


My problem is I am getting an error message ,


"Error 2: at Open/Create/Replace in Timed Data Logger(SubVI).vi


Possible Reasons:


LabView: Memory Full "


(Please see the pic, may be for some people its bit difficult to understand the message cause its in German)


Timed Data Logger(SubVI).vi is my SubVI used to log data in text file for specific time (please see the pic). I am getting this error message after e.g. 5 hours of data acquisition and logging. My program still runs without any problem but the only thing is that its not writting data into the file after few hours.


Can anyone help me regarding this.


thanks in advance.






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I'm not seeing where you close your file reference.  That could be a possible major memory leak.

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Hi Crossrulz,


In the above example (attached pics), I closed the file reference after reaching specific file size. In this case I have this error.

Then I changed my code and closed the file reference after writing data in it. In this case also I am having this error. After writting random amount of data my program stops writting data into file but runs without problem (i.e. data acquisition and display). When I stop my program manually I get this error.


Could you please suggest me how can I avoid this problem? any suggestions.






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Have you already checked this out?


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