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Difference between Channel Name & Pulse Terminal (NI USB-6212)

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I have an NI USB-6212 & on the pinout data sheet, it says that FREQ OUT's default pin number is 40 & the signal name is PFI14. 


I am trying to generate a pulse through FREQ OUT in C# & DAQmx by calling the channel name "dev2/freqout". When I ran the program & tried to verified the measurement using a multimeter, I did not get a reading from PFI 14, but from PFI 6. When I tried to check the device using the test panels & set the channel name to "Dev2/freqout", the Pulse Terminal textboox automatically populated with "/Dev2/PFI6". When I started the program, I got multimeter reading off of the Pulse Terminal.


Can someone kindly explain to me about this behavior?


Also if I want to write a measurement program to read the pulses generated by FREQ OUT, should I wire PFI 14 to some CTR SRC or PFI6 to CTR SRC?


Any explanations & answers are greatly aprpeciated! 🙂


Thank you 

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Hi Kasrus,


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am going to investigate this issue as you might have found an error in our documentation. My recommendation would be to use the pin that is working for you. 


Thanks again for helping us continuosly improve!



Aaron F.

National Instruments

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