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I'm looking at two Ethernet cdaq chassis connected together, one 4 slot cDAQ-9185 and one 8 slot cDAQ-9189. Was looking at populating them with NI-9234. My quick less educated crude calcs show the bandwidth should be enough to capture 48x channels (12 slots with 4 channels each module) @ 24 bit and 51.2kHz? Although I've likely made some mistakes.

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You're in the right ballpark for a raw calculation.  I'm assuming the 24-bit samples will be carried in a 32-bit integer though, which brings the bandwidth demand up to almost 80 Mbps.  If you're on a 100 Mbps connection, that may be too high a %age of the theoretical max to count on.  Others can probably comment with more complete knowledge.



-Kevin P

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Related article to calculate bandwidth -


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Thanks. That example in the link was for the same model of module so good to validate my rough calc

Which yes I only used 24 bit.. So explains why it was even more comfortable. I'll mostly be using them plugged into a gig ethernet port.

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