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DaqCard 6024E Channel clock disabled

DaqCard 6024E Channel clock disabled

I am trying to run 'Acquire N Scans Digital' using the DaqCard 6024E on an old Win XP laptop. The VI won't start and puts an error message:' Acquisition cannot be started because the channel clock is disabled' Error 10692.

The regular data acquisition examples without hardware trigger work fine. e.g. Continuous acquisition.


Any help on enabling that channel clock would be appreciated.




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Re: DaqCard 6024E Channel clock disabled

Hi KO0902,


This error is typically caused by having the interchannel delay set to zero, which is an input on the AI You can switch it to a number other than zero. A value of -1 sets the delay to use the hardware's default setting.


Also, The 6024E is a traditional DAQ device. Traditional DAQ driver was replaced with DAQmx many years ago. Because it is rather old, its documentation is not nearly on the same level as DAQmx. If you run into issues in the future, it might be difficult to debug. The driver itself is no longer being updated, so if you run into a bug with the driver, it probably won't be fixed.


The PCIe-6351 is a more updated version. It has better ADC, faster sampling rate and more counters. The product page of the 6024E can be found here. You can do a side by side comparison if you want.

Ren H.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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