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DAQmxReadAnalogScalarF64() function never returns.



I am using an NI USB-TC01 device for reading Temparature, with a library version  NI DAQmx 21.3.0 on Windows.


The DAQmxReadAnalogScalarF64() function is used to read one sample, the code will run for few hours, giving proper temparature readings. But later after a few hours of successful run when the DAQmxReadAnalogScalarF64() is called, it gets stuck and this function never returns a value nor an error code.


Apparently my code sample looks like this :


puts("NIDevice...DAQmxReadAnalogScalarF64 calling");

signed long _Errorcode = DAQmxReadAnalogScalarF64(m_taskHandle, 10.0, &val, NULL);

puts("NIDevice...DAQmxReadAnalogScalarF64 completed");

I can see the last output as : ...NIDevice...DAQmxReadAnalogScalarF64 calling


Please let me kow if you need more information






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Hello MSARAT, Can you send me the whole code?

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