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DAQ analog output card : PXIe-4322

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Hello all,


Can anyone confirm me or not if the following card, PXIe-4322, got differential outputs ?

I'm not sure to understand NI's connector datasheets with their output names AO0-; AO0+; ... A7-; A7+.

And it is not clearly explained in their datasheet.


Thank you in advance for your answer.

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PXIe-4322 is a 16-Bit, 8-Channel, 250 kS/s Ch-Ch Isolated PXI Analog Output module. It has channel-to-channel isolation hence it has differential outputs. If it has single-ended outputs, all channels will share the same ground and they won't be isolated.

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yes, it is differential output. actually, you can simulate one device and see the pinout information. 




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