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DAQ Pulses on LabVIEW Graph/Chart

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                                       can any one help me who to show a signal on graph or chart from DAQ assistant VI ( attached). i am trying to produce pulses from PXI-6238 on PFI6 . the same singnal i like to view on LabVIEW Front Panel graph and then on Osiciloscop. I also like to control the time period/ frequency from HMI  not every time from the DAQ wizard.  

thanks in advance

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In order to view the signal, you have to connect it to an input on your DAQ device and read it.

In order to control the parameters from the front panel, you should use the DAQmx functions like they are shown in the examples instead of the DAQ Assistant.
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Respected members
I found  some code that is used to generate digital pulse. Please let me know if this can produce a digital pulses up to 10kHz on  PXI-6238?
I also like to plot the digital pulse as well on chart or graph. Please help where to connect the waveform inputs to display what LabVIEW is making out of the card?

 please find Pics and vi in the attachement.
Thanks in advance.

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Yes, your device has two counters.

As already said, you must connect the output of your device to an input that will read it. Use analog input or the other counter. Use Help> Find Examples> Hardware Input and Output.
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Please find pics and vi in the attachment. as told earlier that i want to Generate pulses upto 10 Khz ,as per PXI Spec sheel i can go up 10MHz.  I want to show on my Front panel the wave produce on chart/graph.  But first problem is that i am not getting more than 100Hz frqency . Secondly my PXI-6238 has only two counters. I have to read the same counter on which i am producing pulses(writing):? i am getting some problem please correct my vi if possible. 

Thanks in advance.

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No, you have to use the second counter channel and physically connect it to the output of the first counter.

You also have to specify the correct timing for the counter output.
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dennis please do a fovour if you can modify my vi. i am not getting your point.  i tired a lot.

i shall be very thankful to you.

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                    Please find the attachement.  why DAQmx Write is missing here. i have run this vi but did not recieved desired pulses on Oscilloscope  .  Should this work without  DAQmx  Write  vi?  if i  include the write vi then how to connect its data point with rest of code.


thanks in advance.


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Dear All

at last i got some pulses on osicilloscop with both , through Programming and Test Panel in MAX. I  have same pulse shape from program and scope ( attached).  i thinks this not the requird one. The frequency varied between  ( suppose 1000)   from 500 to 1000 , flucating. What could be the reason ? Card problem, Scope problem or some thing elase? It give me  only one sample written. Why it should be multiple. Plase also let me know how could i vary frequancy at run time? beascuse i doest accept change ducing run time.   

Thanking all of you .

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Try setting the write to NSamp.
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