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DAQ Diagnostic Utility problem


I use NI PCI 6259 and Windows Xp.

When I run DAQ Diagnostic Utility Version 2.0 it generate some fail in Analog Input and Analog Output.

Would you please help me?

7/20/2010 1:59:13 AM

Results saved to:  C:\Documents and Settings\Mechatronic\Desktop\Diagnostic Results.txt

Selected Device: Dev2

Device Type: PCI-6259

Serial Number: 148E1D9

Device Support: (PASS)

NI-DAQmx Version: 9.0 (PASS)

Device Reset: (PASS)

The device was last self-calibrated on: 12/10/2009 12:11:14 PM

Running Calibration ...   FAILED for the following reason: 

Error -200545 occurred at DAQmx Self

Possible reason(s):

Self-calibration failed.  The self-calibration date has not changed.

Disconnect the device from external signals, as they might introduce noise.  Externally calibrate the device to recalibrate the onboard voltage reference that is used for self-calibration.

-------------------- Testing Counters... --------------------

Testing CTR Buffered Pulse Generation...   (PASS)

Testing CTR Single Pulse Generation...   (PASS)

-------------------- Testing Analog Input... --------------------

Testing AI Ground Reference...   (PASS)

Testing AI Voltage Reference...   (FAIL)

************ Test FAILED for the following reason ************

Analog Input was not within tolerance for reference voltage.    Expected to read: 6.950000  Actually read: 0.005412


Testing AI Finite Sample Clock...   (PASS)

Testing AI Finite Sample Clock Frequency...   (PASS)

-------------------- Testing Analog Output... --------------------

Testing AO Finite Sample Clock...   (PASS)

Testing AO Finite Sample Clock Frequency...   (PASS)

Testing AO Single Point...   (FAIL)

************ Test FAILED for the following reason ************

This test failed to output 4.000000 Volts on Dev2/ao0.  The actual value written was 0.002782.


Testing AO Accuracy...   (FAIL)

************ Test FAILED for the following reason ************

This test failed to generate a voltage waveform with an error of less than 0.038104 Volts on Dev2/ao0.  The actual average error was 3.183150 Volts.


-------------------- Testing Digital IO... --------------------

Testing DIO Lines...   (PASS)

Testing DIO Ports...   (PASS)


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Hi Naser,


seems like you need to contact your local NI branch to get this device repaired.



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