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Continuity testing with NI USB-6259



I want to do a continuity testing of a cable during vibration. I thought of setting up an analog voltage output across a resistor and measure the current in series with the resistor. The cable will be in series with the resistor.


However, I am having some trouble setting up the USB-6259 to provide a continuous DC signal from one output channel while measuring the current with an input signal. How do I best set up the timing and sequence of these?


(Will log the measurements as well, preferably 2kHz with timestamp in csv/xls - but I think I know how to do this)

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Bonus points if you also think of injected charge into your cable 😄


Think of a piezo that is bended ...  most isolators react in the same way.


Or think of cable capacity, by vibrating you will change the capacity.... 


A lot of funny things can happen to cables 🙂   


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