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Concurrent Tasks - CompactDaQ 9178 with C Modules 9214 and 9211



I am trying to use a NI 9178 CompactDaQ together with c-series modules 9214 (cDAQ1_Mod4_AI in attachement) and 9211 (cDAQ1_Mod5_AI in attachement) to sense a total of 18 temperatures.


In attachement you will find a sample code where I try to create two concurrent tasks to read the temperatures. The reason I split the tasks into two is because eventually each task will be integrated in a different .vi that will run simultaneously.


When I run the code I get error code -50103: The specified resource is reserved. The operation could not be completed as specified.


I am having trouble understanding this as:

1) I am only using 2 AI tasks which is less than the limit (3)

2) I am not reusing physical channels in different tasks


Is the problem a timing issue? or does the NI 9214 simply not support multiple tasks?


Thanks in advance,



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While your chassis can probably support 3 AI tasks, most individual modules can only support 1.  So be sure to put all the channels from a given module into the same task.   In this case, that'd mean 16 channels in a Mod4 task and 2 in a Mod5 task.



-Kevin P

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Thanks Kevin,


Makes sense ! That's what I unfortunately feared.

I'll have to create some kind of workaround for my application as I need the task in two .VIs. 


Thanks again for your help,



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