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Can I acquire a signal of 2 wire vibration or accelerometer sensor with a NI 9208

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I have a 2-wire vibration sensor, this sensor gives me a 4-20mA signal, 4 mA = 0 ips or no vibration present, and 20 mA's indicates that the peak range of vibration is present, my ips range for this sensor is 0-2.0 ips, at first I had choosen the NI 9218 to set a IEPE connection, but this module only have 2 channels, so the NI 9208 has 16 channels, so my question is, Can the NI 9208 acquire this signal without problem?.

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The 9208 is the correct unit to use. See manual (fig3?)  on how to connect the two (loop) wire sensor. You will need an external  powersupply for this units. For the min/max voltage of this supply see the datasheet of your sensor. ( a 24V supply is common, but you have to follow the requirements of your sensor!) 


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Oh I see, so yes, then I can use it, the sensor accepts 12 VDC - 36 VDC


Thanks Henrik

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