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Analog trigger based upon quadrature pulse?

I want to take analog samples every micron.  I have a 0.1 micron linear encoder.  Can someone show me an example of how to setup a trigger to take continuous samples on the analog channel(s) based upon every 10 encoder pulses.  I want to use the quadrature input instead of the simple pulse with edge counting to eliminate any issue of vibrations causing the encoder to move backwards a few ticks.
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Hi Michael,

I cannot think of a way to hardware trigger the analog input operation off of a encoder task.  The only way I can think of to do it is to use the count edges task, as you mentioned.  Can you do the polling for 10 microns in software and then either call the start task to start the analog input operation or perhaps write to a digital line and use this as a trigger for the analog input operation?  This is all that I can come up with.



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