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Adquiring analog and digital signals with PCI6143

Hi, I am using a PCI6143, that is a simultaneos adquiring signals to reading AC voltages and currents. Now I need to read an aditional unmoduled IRIGB signal (see fig or. ), but I do not have analog inputs availables. Is possible to read thois kind of signal (0 or 5 Volts) using digital input, like a wave form (value& time)? if the answer is yes, is this signal synchroinized (simultaneus reading) with the analog signals reading?

Thanks in advance


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Hello joengomez,


The signal you are trying to acquire is the red one? or the green one? You could acquire the red one and store it as a waveform type. You can sync both the digital input and analog input tasks using triggers and sharing sample clocks by using the DAQmx VI's.

Fernando Becerra | Field Applications Engineer | National Instruments | CLA | CTD
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Thanks Fernando.

It is the red one. Could you indicate me how to use triggers and share sample clocks to sync both signals?

Be regards,

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sample program link

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