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Accessing daqmx resources/variables in DSM stresses the CPU load for shared variable engine

I have got a mix of fieldpoint/compactFieldpoint/compactDAQ chassis that are used for surveillance and logging of remote stations infrastructure status (voltage/temperature/fuses).

My problem is when accessing the shared variables in Distributed Systems Manager the CPU load for the shared variable engine increase from 10% up to 98%. Then the objects/resources lose connection to the MAX tasks (global virtual channels) before any values are assigned to the variables. After a minute or two the CPU load return to normal again. Now there is a error message showing in DSM where the variable's values should be:

IAK_SHARED: Hex: 0x8ABC5003 The connection to the server has been lost.

I have googled the explanation of the error but I can still see the variables updating and logging in MAX/Historical data during the situation.

When launching the DSM the CPU also jumps to close to 100% and settles after a short while.


Anyone having the same issue or a solution to this problem?


Best regards

Kenneth H

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Hi Kenneth, 


What Operating System are you using? And what Software Versions are you using as well? 


Often this "IAK_SHARED: Hex: 0x8ABC5003 The connection to the server has been lost." error with the use of the DSC module can occur when the firewalls are enabled. Such as in this knowledge base article.


If you need more information on this, this White Paper also provides more detail.


Is this useful at all? 


Best regards, 

Sarah F

Applications Engineering

National Instruments UK and Ireland



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