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Accelerometer to multiple modules in a cRIO

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Dear All,


I'm trying to connect my Model 805M1 Accelerometer (spec sheet is attached) to one of our cRIOs in the lab, and I believe that I need some advice because we have two cRIOs and bunch of modules that I want to use them instead of buying another module. We have these controllers and modules:


NI cRIO-9073

NI cRIO-9024

NI 9265

NI 9237

NI 9205

NI 9203


I think I can excite (it needs 3v to 5.5v) the acceleremoter with for example NI 9237 and read it with NI 9205. Am I wrong or is there any other combination that I can use?



I appreciate your help.



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I appreciate it if someone can help me with this because of the urgent need of running the accelerometers.


Best Regards,


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Yes, you can use the NI 9237 to supply the excitation voltage using a custom custom voltage with excitation task and ignore the input data from that task. You can then read in the voltage output of your accelerometer on the NI 9205.


Depending on the characteristics of the accelerometer signal, it may be worthwhile looking into using a Dynamic Signal Analyzer (DSA) module, such as the NI 9234, which is made for accelerometer DAQ applications.

Mena S.
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National Instruments
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I have another question about the calibration of the accelerometer. Since I cannot do the calibration by MAX using this link, do you have any recommendation for doing that?





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basic way: read the voltage values and apply the scaling using the math vis.

Remove the bias voltage (1/2 supply voltage) by subtracting it, or better use a highpass filter with 0.1 Hz corner frequency . after that divide by the scaling factor provided in the datasheet or calibration report.


If you have access to the sound and vibration suite you canb use the ready made vis to do the scaling.


and even if I don't use it, I'm pretty shure you can do this scaling in MAX too. (maybe not with a filter, so any drift in the supply voltage will show up as an acceleration)


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Thanks, but I I think I got lost!


For using Highpass filter I need to have an array; however, my variable is a number. I tried to change it to an array with shift registers, but I believe I messed it up and the filter is not doing anything. I appreciate your help.





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