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9234 Replacement

I am trying to replace a ETH - 9234 module.  I believe I changed the IP address; but when I try and get online through MAX it tells me the device is the wrong one do to the wrong serial nmber, etc.

What is the correct/full proceedure for replacing one of these modules?



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Hi and thanks for posting. Based on your name I believe you're working with a  NI WLS/ENET-9163 carrier? In the User Manual for this carrier (1st link below) you can find the procedure for putting in a new module. Draw your attention to pages 5 through 7 in particular.


User Manual: 


Other resources include....

How do I Setup an IP Address for my NI WLS/ENET 9163? 

Troubleshooting NI WLS/ENET-9163 Initial Setup Issues: 


I hope this helps, but please let me know if you have follow-up questions.

Thank you,
Eric E. 

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Thanks Eric,


Its actually a hard wired ethernet unit.

Can you send me the links for that?



Replacing the module?




Setting up the IP address when the IP address is unknown.?



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The 9163 can actually be hardwired with an ethernet cable, but are you using a different chassis? If so you can find the manual by going to the product page at and going to the Resources tab.


Setup IP Address:



Eric E.

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Hi Steve-


If I'm reading your questions correctly, I think you're trying to figure out two things:


1.  Initially adding a device if you know its IP address but it isn't otherwise automatically discovered (for example, if it is located on a remote subnet from your Windows host).


In that case, you will want to follow the steps that culminate on page 7 of this manual, namely using the hostname or IP to manually specify the name or address of your device.


2.  Replacing an existing device that was working previously with a new device (new serial number, etc), possibly because of damage or just system reconfiguration.


If you are using the same chassis (i.e. same serial number), you can use the Reconnect functionality mentioned near the bottom of page 7 in the manual I linked previously to specify an updated hostname or IP address.  


If you are using a new chassis (i.e. different serial number), you could jump through some hoops to make it work, but your quickest bet will be to delete the old one from MAX and just re-add the new one using the steps mentioned in that manual.




Hopefully this helps.  If you're still having trouble, could you provide a step by step of what you're doing and where it starts to break down so that we can give more specific advice?

Tom W
National Instruments
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