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PWM and USB-6008 DAQ.

Hi all,


I have been getting conflicting info RE: the USB-6008 being either able or unable to support PWM. Can anyone give a definitive answer? I was intending to use the Signal Generator function to give a digital pule out from my DAQ to control the brightness of an LED. If this can't be done i would apprecate your feedback as it will mean bining a project and starting fresh.


many thanks


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The USB-6008 uses software timed digital outputs. That means that the maximum update rate is ~150 Hz. Except for heater controls with time constants of seconds, the USB-6008 is not suitable for PWM.



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It is a very poor choice for pwm. I'm not sure where you have seen conflicting answers. As you should know, the device has only software timed digital I/O. You simply cannot crate a waveform data type and output it. It has to be done a single point at a time and it will be at a low frequency with considerable jitter. If you can live with that, then use the device. There have been several examples posted that show how to do it. It's nothing more than writing a 1, delay, write a 0, delay, repeat.
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