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Hello, i want to adquire data continuously and I have a very important proble. I get error 200279. I have increase number of samples to read, decrease sample rate and increase the buffer size, but i haven't results. I have notice that use of CPU increases continuously, and this is the reason of error 200279,what can I do? I want my vi run a lot of time, and i don't know how solve this. Help me please.
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The error -200279 is an overwritten error of the buffer reserved for the analog input and the possible workaround is what you have tried ( increase the number of samples to read...... ). There is a KB about this:


So the problem is that your application doesn't retrieve the data from the buffer fast enough, so that the data is overwritten. The cause could be that the CPU use is increasing continuosly and it doesn't have time to attend to the LabVIEW program. But you have to find what is causing this. It could be your LabVIEW program or maybe any other processes in the system. You can check this into the task manager, in the Processes tab. There is a CPU column and you can click on it to order the processes.

If it was your LabVIEW program that is causing the CPU use increases, you will have to debug it and try to find what part of your code is doing that. There is an example included in LabVIEW called Cont Acq&Graph Voltage-Int Clik that does a continuous buffered acquisition. You could run the VI and test the task manager. If this example also increase the CPU use, then be sured you are using the latest NI-DAQ version. If not, then it is a problem of your code and you have to find out what part of code it is doing that.

I hope this helps.


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