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problems adding header files


problems adding header files



For my project I downloaded the Measurement software and installed the NI-488.2 drivers.


Now, at the end of my stdafx.h file I am trying to include the libraries from here:



#include "NiGraph3DComponent.h"
#include "Ni4882Component.h"
#include "NiCommonComponent.h"
#include "NiDAQmxComponent.h"
#include "NiDataSocketComponent.h"
#include "NiMathComponent.h"
#include "NiUiComponent.h"
#include "NiUiCommonComponent.h"
#include "NiUtilityComponent.h"
#include "NiVisaComponent.h"
using namespace NI;

However, when I try to compile it, it says all these header files cannot be found. How do I install these files or where do I find them so that I can include the libraries?




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Re: problems adding header files

With MStudio2009 I was able to include most of the header files. There's only a couple left that don't work. For example,


even though I did download and install NI-488.2 17.0

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Re: problems adding header files

Hi drstockman,


I found a similar forum post to the issue you are having:


When you downloaded the 488.2 driver did you include support for C++? Also would it be possible for you to use the NI-VISA driver for your application? It can accomplish the same task that the 488.2 driver can and so much more.

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Re: problems adding header files



Thanks for responding. I carefully read all the posts in this thread, installed all drivers from the posted links and installed the VISA driver from the here


I uninstalled and reinstalled them a couple of times and made sure that I included all possible supports, also the .NET supports.  


However, Ni4882Component.h still cannot be found, and I cannot find it on my hard drive either.


Thanks in advance! 

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Re: problems adding header files

Hi drstockamn,


I just looked at the readme for 488.2 17.0 and it looks like the oldest version of measurement studio that is is compatible with is 2010. Would it be possible for you to upgrade measurement studio?

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