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Choice of language: VB, VC#,VC++

Choice of language: VB, VC#,VC++

 Hi ~~


I am very new in this area, and recently forced to study this area since my new project requires.


I have tried to obtain signal from daqmx, and program a code to control the process of the acquired data. 

My pc is connected to a USB x series multifunction DAQ, the acquired data from the DAQ are derivered to my PC.


After trying to figure out how to do this, I ended up installing measurement studio to be added on my visual studio 2008 on window 7. What I realized, however, I have to program in either visual basic or visual C# because visual c++ is not supported in measurement studio template.

 I mean, after installing measurement studio, I could not find an option to measurement studio in c++..

 Is there a way to program in C++ to control measurement studio? Or, Do I have to choose between Visual basic ot visual c#? The fact is, I am confident the most in c++ among the three.... 


Anyway, I am attaching the picture of my visual studio to describe the situation better...  I am very beginner in this area, please give full detailed explanation of the situation..   Thanks



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Re: Choice of language: VB, VC#,VC++



Thank you for giving us a good background to make recommendations off of. There are a few different options available, depending on the scope of your project, timeline, and how future-proof it needs to be. 


We do have an option available for Legacy Measurement studio MFC C++ support which would allow you to program in C++ in VS2003 through VS2010. Because it is considered a legacy product, it may not be the most robust platform to develop on for the future, but if it is just a quick test system, it may be an option to avoid the double-layered learning curve of learning Measurement Studio and a new language. We discuss Measurement Studio Legacy Support for VB6 and C++ in this article here. If you would like to get ahold of this environment, you will need to contact a Technical Sales Representative via the link on the bottom of that page. 


That said, NI's support for Visual Studio has primarily moved to the .NET languages, so this may be a good opportunity to learn a new environment and language to build on for the future. It will also make maintenance and updates on the project much easier and smoother for the future. If you can afford the time and learning curve, I would highly suggest moving into C# or To ease the burden of learning all of this information, as always with NI products, we have a wealth of examples included in every distribution. In your DaqMX install, be sure you check the install option (or go back and modify the install from control panel) to install application support»examples for .net languages and for measurement studio. From there in Visual Studio you can use the Measurement Studio menu to access the example files. 


Overall, moving from C++ to C# isnt a huge shift in terms of syntax and theory, so it may be marginally easier to transition to than VB.Net, but neither should be a huge shift in ideology. 




Kyle Mozdzyn

Applications Engineering

National Instruments


Kyle M.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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Re: Choice of language: VB, VC#,VC++

Thank you for the advice~

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Re: Choice of language: VB, VC#,VC++

Just my 2c but I find it strange that its only NI who seem to consider C++ "legacy". Microsoft support the latest C++


I have many C++ (Visual Studio) apps using NI classes and they will continue to be developed. I don't have the time to rewrite them all in C#.


Like I said, just my 2c.

Phil reaston
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