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USB TC01 to .NET

Hi all,


I am looking to use the USB-TC01 with a piece of existing software that I have which is written in VB.NET. I've tried following a tutorial such as this one, to get the .dll for this device However, once I'm at the page where it asks you to select which .NET language support in the DAQmx installation, I try to move on to the next page and it prevents me from doing so because I don't have measurement studio. Is there a way to get the .dll's and amI  able to use this device without having to use measurement studio or labview? I've tried taking a look at this similar thread (link below) but I couldn't get that to work. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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You don't need Measurement Studio.


You should install NI-DAQmx with support for .NET

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