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Programmatically change AI Channels properties?

I'm creating a custom data logger application for my company using a cDaq-9184 chassis with a 9205 AI module in it.  Each channel will have its own waveform graph on the UI. I'm to the point now where I can apply an anolog voltage (-10 to 10 VDC) to each of the physical channels and see it streaming continous on each WFG on the UI.  I have a functionality where I want to be able to not only change the scaling from the UI, but also the scale type (linear, Ranged Map, Table).  So this is where I am stuck.  How do I do this?  The documentation has me hazy and I could use some more guidance.


Below is a snapshot of the UI for this.  When a user clicks the "download" button, I want to change the scale type and scaling parameters of whichever channel the combobox is on, in this case channel 9 (ai10).  Do I need to create a new task every time I do this?  When is OnTaskCreated called in the DaqTask1.User.vb?  I tried the following code in the download button click event :

 Dim MyTask As New NationalInstruments.DAQmx.Task
        MyTask = New DaqTask1


This did not fire OnTaskCreated in the User.vb file.   




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To change the scaling type for a plot, you invoke the scaling on the plot object.  So, if you have a graph called "graph" with a plot called "waveformPlot", you could change the scaling on the x-axis of that plot to Logarithmic with the following line:


waveformPlot.XAxis.ScaleType = ScaleType.Logarithmic


So for the functionality you're looking for, I would have a selector that selects the scale type you want and then in the callback for the "download values to controller" button, process that value and set the appropriate scale type.   



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