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Help with changing the scaling of a virtual channel?

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Can someone please help me with this block of code that I have?  I do not understand why on the first execution it works fine with no daq Exception errors, but on the second execution I get an error.


More detailed, I am creating a virual channel in one Sub with a button click event.  That virtual channel is set to default values (MIN = -10, MAX = +10, Linear Scale with Scale and Offset at 1 and 0 respectively). 


In the other Sub click event, is where I am having the difficulties.  In this Sub I am creating the custom scales and assigning values to them, setting the MIN and MAX values of the virtual channel to the same minimum and maximum values of the Custom Scale being used, and then finally assigning that new custom scale to the virtual channel to use.  The code works for the first execution.  When I change the scaling and then execute the code again for a second iteration, I get a daq Exception error. 


Its appears that the MIN and MAX are getting set on the second execution but the Scaling is not being reset to a the new scale values.  Can someone verify and if so, what is wrong and needs to be changed in my code?


First Execution of the "DownLoad" button click event to assign the custom scale with its values to the virtual fine. 



Change the Scaling, in this case from 400 to 600, and then execute the same code again with the "Download" button click event and I get the daqException Error



        PreScaledVals.TrimExcess() : PreScaledValsArray = PreScaledVals.ToArray
        ScaledVals.TrimExcess() : ScaledValsArray = ScaledVals.ToArray

        If chkBoxTblScale.Checked = True Then
                min = ScaledValsArray.First
                max = ScaledValsArray.Last
            Catch ex As Exception
                MessageBox.Show(ex.Message & "  Table Scale must contain at least two prescaled values and two scaled values.")
            End Try
        ElseIf chkBoxLinScale.Checked = True Then
            min = numEdtMIN.Value
            max = numEdtMAX.Value
        ElseIf chkBoxMapScale.Checked = True Then
            min = numEdtSMin.Value
            max = numEdtSMax.Value
        End If

        LinScale = New DAQmx.LinearScale("Linear Scale", scale, offset)
        RMPScale = New DAQmx.RangeMapScale("Ranged Map Scale", prescaledMin, prescaledMax, scaledMin, scaledMax)

        If chkBoxTblScale.Checked = True Then
                TblScale = New DAQmx.TableScale("Table Scale", PreScaledValsArray, ScaledValsArray)
            Catch ex As DaqException
            End Try
        End If
            If cboBoxChannels.Text = "6" Then
                ChannelSelected = 6
            ElseIf cboBoxChannels.Text = "7" Then
                ChannelSelected = 7
            ElseIf cboBoxChannels.Text = "8" Then
                ChannelSelected = 8
            ElseIf cboBoxChannels.Text = "9" Then
                ChannelSelected = 9
            ElseIf cboBoxChannels.Text = "10" Then
                ChannelSelected = 10
            ElseIf cboBoxChannels.Text = "11" Then
                ChannelSelected = 11
            ElseIf cboBoxChannels.Text = "12" Then
                ChannelSelected = 12
            ElseIf cboBoxChannels.Text = "13" Then
                ChannelSelected = 13
            ElseIf cboBoxChannels.Text = "14" Then
                ChannelSelected = 14
            Else : ChannelSelected = 15
            End If

            Select Case ChannelSelected
                Case 6
                    myTask.AIChannels(lblCh6Wfg.Text).Minimum = min
                    myTask.AIChannels(lblCh6Wfg.Text).Maximum = max
                    If chkBoxLinScale.Checked = True Then
                        myTask.AIChannels(lblCh6Wfg.Text).CustomScaleName = "Linear Scale"
                    ElseIf chkBoxTblScale.Checked = True Then
                        myTask.AIChannels(lblCh6Wfg.Text).CustomScaleName = "Table Scale"
                    ElseIf chkBoxMapScale.Checked = True Then
                        myTask.AIChannels(lblCh6Wfg.Text).CustomScaleName = "Ranged Map Scale"
                    End If

TblScale = Nothing
RMPScale = Nothing
LinScale = Nothing


Thank you

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Accepted by busarider29

Watch what you are doing with the New .

If the object doesn't exist then you want to create it, but once it is created, you should be modifying it.

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