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Visualize image just one

hello to everyone.

First of all thanks a lot for reading this post and being able to help.


I have a while where in each iteration I take a photo.

I have a boolean variable which toggle with a few consideration.


I would like to visualize an image just if that boolean variable is true, but if it is false I would like to visualize the image of last iteration. I mean if boolean variable is true, refresh the image but if it is false do not refresh.


I do a case but if the variable is false then the image display does not visualize anything...


So how can I do that?

thanks a lot

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-Possible to post screenshot of code then it'll be easier to find what exactly is happening.
-My initial guess is you need to have buffer for previous image to display- is it present?
-Are you disposing the previous image?
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Just I need a buffer with the last right image.


But how can I get it??


When I arrive at home I will upload a screenshot!

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I tried that option, but the problem is that I have the image of the last iteration but not the right image...

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You need to have two IMAQ Create- One for current and one for previous image.
-Each iteration, current image will be saved to Previous image and inside case structure for display take Previous image ref.

-Could you explain "the image of the last iteration but not the right image..." if my understanding is correct it must be because you are using one IMAQ create if previous and current image are same.
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use this example 

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