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Overlay Group Names

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Hopefully a simple question.

I am identifying circles in images using 'Find Circular Edge'. This tool provides me with an overlay of green ROI, red detected edges and blue 'spokes' of the number of segments used. (See image below)


I can merge the overlay with the image to save to file using 'IMAQ Merge Overlay', which is great.

However, I'd like to include only the overlay of the detected edges, not the ROI or 'spokes'.


The 'Group' input on 'IMAQ Merge Overlay' should let me choose which of the overlays... but I don't know the name of the overlay.


Is there a way to read the overlay group name(s) so that I know what they are in order to choose which to use?

Or is it easier for me to generate a new circle overlay of my own in the right place using the radius and position that the Find Circular Edge step gives me?





edge find example.PNG

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Accepted by topic author _Ian_

When I use FindCircularEdge3, there is an input at the top left called options- there you can select to turn off the search area/lines and edge points leaving only the resultant circle displayed.



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Great - thank you.

I'd been using the vision assistant express VI, but converting to code gets me what I need.

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Yes, it would be nice if the vision tools presented all the I/O terminals native to the underlaying vi's but that would probably confuse people.

Glad to be of assistance.




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