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NI-IMAQdx VideoMode Camera Attribute not writable

I am upgrading my applications from IMAQ1394 to IMAQdx.
My problems is with changing the camera attributes.
Using property node i get that my camera supports VideoModes 0-25.
I am unable to change this mode (is not Writable), and am stuck with Format 7, Mode 0
All modes were working fine with IMAQ 1394 Legacy.
Using the IMAQdx read attributes (from textfile) works for features like Brighness, Shutter and so on (Which are Writable).
Won't accept anything but Format 7 here either.
Any ideas?
LabVIEW 8.5
IMAQdx v. 3.1.2
Sony DFW-X710 IEEE1394 camera (+Prosilica Firewire-optical fiber converter)
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You can rewrite .icd file.

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