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My PCIE-1433 can't be configured in NI-MAX

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Hi everybody

I use Window10,  NI-MAX:19,20.6,21(questions are same in there versions)


NI-Serial Troubleshooter can‘t verify hardware presence 

NI-Max only could rename my device,nothing will appear when I right click NI-IMAQ and NI-IMAQdx.

My license is avaliable.

I didn't install LabVIEW,  but  Labview run engine (32bit) is installed .



Thanks for the help in advance,


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I am using NI PCIe-1433 on windows 10.

But I don't understand your question very well. Seems like your card is installed correctly.

What is the issue?

I want to remind you that it is not serial port to the camera.

NI-IMAQ driver is creating virtual serial port that can be detected by camera software. 

Your camera vendors has software to configure the camera. Try to run the software and see if you can detect the camera.

Amit Shachaf
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Accepted by topic author MieMie

For example I have Imperx Cheetah camera connected. When I start Imperx configuration software I get screenshoot1.  



Then I select selsernif.dll that is connecting the camera through the virtual port and click OK. 

I get the camera configuration menu. 

That is telling you the Frame Grabber works as expected. 


Amit Shachaf
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Amit Shachaf:


Thanks for you help!

Because of your reply, I found the problem. 

I thought it was a software problem, but it's actually a Incorrect camera file .

My camera output no DVAL signal,so I can't grap image.

Wish you good life! 



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