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LabVIEW and Halcon

Sorry for the late reply, i figured it out by myself in the end. I found out that the pointers were the problem.

What I do now is during the initialisation I create a HWindowControl (HSmartWindowControl is NOT working properly, in my case at least), define all the settings (Handle, implementation in HDevEngine,...) and then I send the WindowID as an input of the procedure I call (which I created myself for other data manipulation and contains "visualize_object_model_3d" at some point). As a result I get the display window directly in the front panel of my VI.

No doubt your solution works as well but this is way is a bit different so I thought I would share it if that can help someone. I have been struggling with this for a long time.

Thanks for your time anyway.

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HI dadreamer,

Using the vi: ‏31 KB ,Ican conver a gray image to halcon image;

But,now the image is a RGB  format , I  don't kown hao to do. Can u help me?

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This is for 3-channel RGB image.

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Nice,just very  thankyou for you help!

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Test under this program LV TO HALCON image running time is long will be out of memory and then an error please help below the answer thank you   LV2014    HALOCN12.0

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You repeatedly allocate the memory with DSNewPClr and nowhere you free that memory with DSDisposePtr. That is the issue.

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Where will the release function report an error


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1631673723(1).pngThis change is good


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You should dispose of the memory right after you have generated a HImage object with GenImage1 or GenImage3 method. This is from the sample that I posted earlier.


Please, don't use CIN method because it's unreliable in some cases.

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It feels good to try. Does LV call Halcon have many bugs

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