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LabVIEW and Halcon

Thank you so much .Your code is helpful for me and i will learn it seriously.

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Thank you for sharing.It helped me a lot.

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Can I  display a halcon object(image) using LabVIEW  IMAQ image control ?

thank you for your reply.

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Yes, of course. Take a look at this example: After you have read the resulting image out with MoveBlock, you have 2D array which could be passed to IMAQ ArrayToImage VI directly. Obviously you can do that with HImage anytime you want.

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HI dadreamer,

        The example tell me how to convert LabVIEW image to  HImage. But not ,I want to know  how to conver HImage to LabVIEW image.  Thank you for your reply.

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Wonderful  !You’ve helped me a lot. Thank you very much.

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Because LabVIEW.dll in CIN is specified by name, not by path, when I compile the program to exe, LabVIEW. DLL will not be copied to the compiled program folder together. When I run exe on another computer,  can't find LabVIEW. dll, the error of cannot find DLL will occur at the function of LabVIEW: DSNewPClr/ LabVIEW: MoveBlock/ LabVIEW: DSDisposePtr. Can you tell me which  path LabVIEW. DLL exists in the computer? I can manually copy it to another computer.

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"LabVIEW" is a reserved keyword in CLFN path setting and tells LabVIEW compiler to link against the current running labview.exe process. That is true for IDE mode. Regarding RTE (exe) mode, the main process loader links to lvrt.dll, which is a part of LabVIEW Run-Time Engine. So I assume, you should have LV RTE package installed on that machine, where you run your exe, and that will do the trick. No any additional libraries or file manipulations needed. Just keep in mind, that you need to install RTE of the same version, which LabVIEW had, when you built your program.

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I confirmed that LabVIEW Runtime 2017 (64 bit) was installed on the new computer, but the situation was the same. LabVIEW: DSNewPClr / LabVIEW: MoveBlock / LabVIEW: DSDisposePtr could not be found.

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