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Edge based geometric matching scale invariant learn property?

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Hi Everyone,


I am looking to create a VI which does pattern matching which is scale invariant, that is if I create a template which is smaller or bigger or any angle than the target image it should be able to recognize it,no matter what.

The issue is when i go to train the template using LabVIEW VI, the IMAQ Setup Learn Geometric Pattern 2 VI dose not have the option on specifying SCALE invariant property or ROTATION property. But were as in the detection IMAQ Setup Match Geometric Pattern 2 VI SCALE and ROTATION property are there.

If i enable the scale invariant property in detection it is giving me an error template doesn't have information for scale invariant matching. But i don't have any property in the  IMAQ Setup Learn Geometric Pattern 2 to specify.


These property are there in VISION Assistant, but i want to do it in LabVIEW.





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first you have to insert scale information inside your template and then use advance matching vi
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